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How It Works

Image by John Thomas
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First, let me say this loud and clear:


The number one repeated question is, how can I possibly go to Alaska and experience an adventure like this? The answer is deceptively simple, with remarkably few steps to success.

  1. Getchoassup.

  2. Go.

The true challenge comes from how we tell ourselves such an adventure is too complicated. We worry that this experience is too complex to arrange, and we have too many irons in the fire at home or work.

After 11 years as a professional outdoor hunting and fishing guide, I can tell you that the first step to take is to admit that you are going and will have the time of your life. Once you adopt a mindset of possibility, the rest truly falls away. You've let the adventure genie out of the bottle, and you're going.  

  • We connect and book through one of my trusted partners to secure boats, hunting grounds, and more.

  • You hop online and research the best flight to Alaska or North Carolina. You book it.

  • The rest is even more manageable; you've likely done it before. You book lodging nearby.

  • That's it. Once you arrive, I will take you on a hunting or fishing experience that you will thoroughly enjoy and remember for a lifetime. 

Once we strike out into nature to connect with where we come from, who we are in a relationship with nature, and who we can become, the rest of the world melts away. Connecting with the great outdoors and experiencing hunting and fishing, a tradition handed down through all humankind since the dawn of the species, centers and clarifies your life like no other.

I'm a professional Adventure Guide based in North Carolina and Alaska. I mainly guide these areas and consider myself an expert in these regions. I love exploring new places and am always looking to expand my expertise. I also guide trips to more remote and exclusive locations a few times a year. If you'd like to tour with me, just get in touch.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Image by Kayti Coonjohn

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